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2019 Kids have arrived!  We still have 3 avalable doe kids.

We try to keep our herd fairly small.  This means we sell most of our kids every year and occasionally we need sell adult animals. No matter how much we would love to keep them all!

2019 Kids have arrived! 

Shipping is available.  

Please review our sales policy.

Contact us for more information or to make a reservation.
We offer discounts for multiple kids purchased, to 4-H or show homes and to herds that participate in DHIR or Linear Appraisals.

​We accept reservations for specific kids at any age.  We do not allow bottle babies to leave the farm until they are 3-4 weeks old.  This allows us to be sure they are healthy and growing well before they go to their new homes.  Dam raised kids are ready to go around 12 weeks of age. 

 Kids For Sale 
We were blessed with some very nice doe kids this year.  It was difficut deciding who would stay, unfortunately we can't keep them all!

All kids are bottle babies.  Tattooed and Disbudded.  G6S Normal.  Clean tested Herd.  

  1. SOLD
    L9 "Espresso" Clove X Corona DOB: 3/18/19 Doe
  2. SOLD
    "Princess" Cinnamon X Corona DOB: 3/13/19 Doe
  3. SOLD
    "Coco" Sassafras X Corona DOB: 3/14/19 Doe
  4. $500
    L10 "Latte" Clove X Corona DOB: 3/18/19 Doe
  5. SOLD
    "Emerald" Sassafras X Corona DOB: 3/14/19 Doe
  6. $500
    L12 "Ocean" Chicory X Coal DOB: 4/3/19 Doe
  7. $500
    L13 "Sandy" Chicory X Coal DOB: 4/3/19 Doe
Farm Raised Meat 
We sell limited quantities of Turkey, Chevon, Pork and Beef.  

We feel strongly about raising our own meat, it's our way to fight back against the horror of factory farming.  We know our animals have had the best life we can provide them.  They have been treated with kindness and affection their whole lives.  They have been raised in a clean, spacious environment and eaten a healthy diet.  Our animals are raised on pasture with access to shelter.  They recieve grain as needed for optimum growth.  While feeding our animals organically was cost prohibitive, we still use organic and holistic methods as much as possible.  Our animals are vaccinated and we utilize traditional medications or antibiotics only when needed.  We prefer to try organic or natural alternatives first.
  1. Pork
    We raise a small number of pigs on pasture, milk, garden scraps and grain. Half and whole pigs are available picked up from the butcher in October.
  2. Turkey
    Our Turkeys are raised on pasture and grain. They are processed Monday or Tuesday before thanksgiving.
  3. Chevon
    We raise several goat kids for meat every year. Half and whole goats are available in the fall. Deposits are required.
  4. Beef
    We only raise one or two steer a year. Occasionally sides are available.