Our Critters
Our primary focus here at Lucky Run Farm is our goats.  An assortment of other critters call Lucky Run Farm home too.  
  1. Ruckus & Rumble
    Ruckus & Rumble
    Ruckus and Rumble are our resident barn cats. They excel at their job of rodent control. They also supervise all farm activities.
  2. Didit
    Dun Didit With Pep, barn name "Didit" is a 2006 AQHA gelding. He has been part of the family since birth and has a forever home here with us. He's a wonderful all around guy and loves chasing cows and trail riding most of all.
  3. Marble
    Marble has been my constant companion for 13 years now. Her mother was my first Aussie that got me hooked on the breed!
  4. Laying Hens
    Laying Hens
    We keep a mixed flock of laying hens. They are primarily brown egg layers but there are a few Easter Eggers and leghorns in the flock that add variety of colors to our eggs. Our chickens free range and help keep the ticks under control.
  5. Geo
    Geo is our resident couch potato.
  6. Cricket
    Cricket is the happiest dog I have ever met. Her smiles are contagious!
  7. Rev and Drifter
    Rev and Drifter
    Our farm watch dogs.
  1. Meat Chickens
    Meat Chickens
    We raise a couple batches of meat chickens on pasture every summer. Cornish Cross and Rangers. They are primarily for our family but we are willing to raise a few extra.
  2. Pigs
    We raise mixed breed pigs every year. They are kept on pasture, fed milk, eggs, garden scraps and some grain. We sell pork halves or whole. Contact us for availability.
  3. Turkeys
    We raise a small number of turkeys every year for Thanksgiving. We raise a few extra for people who request them, early reservations are suggested.
  4. Beef
    Occasionally we raise a steer for beef. If our freezers are getting full we may offer a side of beef. Contact us if you are interested.