We raise ADGA registered purebred Nubian dairy goats.  
Our breeding program is aimed towards raising show quality dairy goats that produce high quality and volume milk while still maintaining large size for meat production.  Soundness, health and hardiness are priorities.  Temperament is also very important to since our goats are pets! 

We attended our first shows in 2018, we had fun, learned a lot and are very excited to continue showing our goats in 2019.

​As we continue to improve our breeding program, our herd began participating in Linear Appraisals and DHIR in 2019.

We maintain a disease free herd, our herd is tested annually for CAE, CL and Johnes.  We also test for TB and Brucellosis.  Our herd has always been abscess free, including CL.

All of our goats are G6S normal by test or parentage. 

We are currently accepting reservations for spring  kids.  We have buck and doe reservations available.  ​​​