Sales Policies
Purchasing Kids:  

All kids sold will be disbudded, tattooed and have age appropriate vaccinations and deworming.  We raise our kids using a coccidia preventative.  Our goats are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale.  Due to the sensitive nature of young kids, we cannot guarantee their health once they leave the property.  We welcome the buyer to have their veterinarian come to our farm and examine their chosen kid.  If a health defect is found, we will gladly offer a full refund.

Bottle Kids:  We accept reservations on specific kids at any age.  We do not allow bottle kids to leave the farm before 3-4 weeks of age.  This allows us to be sure they are healthy and growing well before they go to their new homes.  Bottle raised kids reserved prior to birth must be picked up by the time they are 4 weeks old.

Dam Raised Kids:  Sometimes we allow our does to raise their own kids.  We actually prefer this method but it is easier to show and milk test a doe that is not raising kids.  We wean dam raised bucks around 12 weeks of age.  Doe kids are left with their mothers longer, usually until they go to their new homes.  Dam raised kids can go to their new homes when they are 12 weeks or older.  Reserved dam raised kids must be picked up by the time they are 13 weeks old.

Prices:  Prices quoted on the Kidding Schedule are for pre-ordered kids.  After kids are born, they will be priced on an individual basis.  Sending a deposit is your guarantee that you will buy that animal at the agreed upon the price quoted, in the timeframe specified. Kids that remain on the farm longer may be subject to boarding fees and the buyers will be responsible for all costs such as feed, supplements, medications, vaccinations and veterinary expenses.

Discounts:  We offer discounts to people who purchase two or more kids.  We also offer repeat customer discounts, 4-H discounts, discounts to show homes and discounts to herds that participate in DHIR, performance programs and Linear Appraisal.    

Reservations:  Reservations are made based on the order in which deposits are received.  When reserving a kid, please include a first and second choice with your deposit. 

We will notify the buyer when their chosen kid is born.  If we do not hear back within 10 days of notification, the kid may be sold to another buyer and deposit will be forfeit.  If the buyer’s choice of kid is not available they can hold over the deposit to the following year, transfer it to another kid or request a refund.  We do not offer refunds to buyers who cancel their reservation or reject a reserved kid.

A note on color.  We cannot guarantee kids will be born a certain color.  Kids rejected by the buyer due to color is considered a cancelled order, no refund will be provided.

Payments:  A $100 deposit will hold your choice of kid.  We are happy to discuss payment plans that work best for the buyer.  Checks are accepted until 10 days prior to pick up or shipping, cash only if paying the day kids are picked up from the farm. We also accept PayPal, Buyer is responsible for all transaction fees.  

Shipping and transportation:  We encourage buyers to come to our farm to pick up their kid.  We realize this might not be possible and are willing to ship kids.  Buyer is responsible for all costs involved, including but not limited to:  Airline approved shipping crate, any required health certificates and shipping fees.   We deliver kids to the Portland, Maine airport for no charge.  If a different airport is required, we will charge mileage to and from the airport.  Estimated shipping costs must be paid along with the purchase price at least 10 days prior to scheduled shipping date. 

We are also willing to deliver kids within 100 miles of our farm for an agreed upon fee.  We can bring sold kids to the shows we attend if it is more convenient for the Buyer to pick  their kid up there.

Registration:  To allow the Buyer to be able to choose a name, kids will be sold with registration applications and a completed transfer to the Buyer.  To meet legal interstate travel requirements, kids must be shipped with their stamped duplicate registration papers.  If you would like to name your kid, you must do so before shipment.  Older kids may be sold already registered with a name selected by us.  (Kids must be registered in order to show.)

Bucks:  We are selective of the bucks kept and sold for breeding.  We castrate all unreserved buck kids after 8 weeks of age.  We prefer to wait as long as possible to castrate kids in order to allow their urethra to develop as a preventative measure for urinary stones later in life.  All bottle kids purchased as wethers will be sold with an agreement that they will be castrated prior to 4 months of age.  No ADGA papers will be provided for wethers.

We reserve the right to retain any animal for herd replacements or to cancel a sale if the animal does not meet our high standards of quality.  We will offer an alternate kid if available, refund the deposit or carry it over to the following year.

Occasionally we offer adult goats for sale on a case by case basis.  

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a kid from Lucky Run Farm!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to reserve a kid.  We hope to hear from you soon!