Showing Our Herd
Lucky Run Fam attended our first show in 2018, the Spring Show in Windosr, Maine.  Our buck, Corona, did exceptionally well, first and second in his class under two of the judges.  He also went grand champion Nubian under one judge and earned a leg towards his championship! ​​​​

We also attended Fryeburg Fair 2018.  Our goats did well at the show and enjoyed visiting with fair-goers all week.

We are very excited to continue showing our goats in 2019.

This page will be continuously updated with the results of shows we attend.

2019 Planned Shows
This is a tentative schedule.  We hope to attend as many shows as possible this year!

Windsor Spring Show

Ossipee Valley Fair

Bangor State Fair

We definitely plan to attend this show since it is the only one in Maine where we can show the boys too!  I think it will be the weekend of May 25th and 26th.
July 11th through the 14th.  Our goats will be there for the weekend of the 13/14th for the show.
July 26th through August 4th.  We have a lot of friends in the area so we would love to attend the Bangor State Fair this year!

Blue Hill Fair

Cumberland Fair

Fryeburg Fair

August 29th through September 7th.  We love this fair!  If we are able to attend, we will go for the whole fair, it's a LONG drive.  
September 22nd through the 28th.  This is the closest fair to home.  Hopefully we will be able to make it to the goat show this year!  We won't stay the week since it is right before the Fryeburg Fair.
September 29th through October 6th.  We plan to attend the Fryeburg Fair again this year.  Hopefully we will be able to spend the week!

2018 Spring Show

Our First Goat Show!

We attended our first ever goat show(s) in May of 2018, at the fairgrounds in Windsor, Maine.  The Southern Maine Dairy Goat Association hosted several shows in one weekend.  The Really Early Spring Show, an ADGA sanctioned Jr. Doe, Sr. Doe, and Buck Shows.  The next day was the Memorial Day ADGA show,a 2 ring separately sanctioned Jr and Sr Doe Show.  

It was educational, fun and a bit chaotic.  We brought the entire herd:  Does (Nutmeg, Chicory, Ginger, Cinnamon, Juniper, Sassafras, Clove), kids (11 total)  and bucks (Coal, Corona)!  We packed up most of the barn too, even bringing our own pens.  

Our goats were incredibly well behaved and nowhere near as stressed as anticipated.  Competition was friendly and everyone there was willing to help or answer questions.  We enjoyed spending time with friends and making new friends too.  We have a lot of room for improvement and work to do but had a lot of fun and learned so much. 

We regret not taking more pictures, but we were too busy to think of it!

Show Results

Day One:
Milkers under 2- Cinnamon placed 1st and Juniper 3rd out of 3. 
Milkers 3 years and under 5- Nutmeg placed 5th out of 5. She was sore on her hind feet and moving hunched up so that may have been a factor.  
Junior kids under 4 months- Coriander placed 13th and Sage 17th out of 20 kids. They were some of the youngest kids entered and NOT cooperative!  
Junior yearlings 8 months to 12 months- Clove was 2nd out of 2.
Senior yearlings 12 months to 24- Sassafras was 4th out of 7.
There were 3 judges for the buck show. There were 11 bucks in the 1 to 2 year old class. Coal was 7th under all 3 judges. Corona placed 1st, 2nd and 6th. He was also grand champion Nubian under one judge. 
On a different note: Sassafras’s dam Sensation, who is owned by Fox’s Pride, placed first in her class and was reserve champion Nubian. Sassafras’s sire Countdown, also owned by Fox’s Pride, was grand champion Nubian buck under the other two judges. 

Day Two: Two judges. 
Milkers under 2- Cinnamon placed 1st and 2nd, and Juniper 3rd under both judges out of 5. 
Milkers 3 years and under 5- Nutmeg placed 4th and 5th out of 5.  
Junior kids under 4 months- I decided to scratch the kids because my hip was bothering me too much to bend over to show them.
Junior yearlings 8 months to 12 months- Clove was 1st and 2nd out of 2.
Senior yearlings 12 months to 24- Sassafras was 2nd and 6th out of 7.

​All in all a wonderful first show for Lucky Run Farm!

2018 Fryeburg Fair

Our First Fair Experience

The Fryeburg Fair is Maine's largest fair.  It was a learning experience and slightly over-whelming to the goats.  The sheer number of people wanting to pat, visit and take selfies with the goats was amazing.

Six of our does went to the fair, Nutmeg, Chicory, Cinnamon, Sassafras, Clove and Coriander.  The rest of the herd stayed home this time.

We spent the entire week at the fair with our goats. It was cold, so the goats got to try out their new goat coats.   We met a lot of new people and enjoyed spending time getting to know our fellow goat-lovers.  

Show Results

Our goats are not used to the hustle and bustle of the fair environment.  Their results at the show reflected this.  

Coriander would definitely have won the loudest goat competition.  She screamed like a foghorn the entire class, it was rather embarassing and funny at the same time.  She was crab walking and crouching the whole show so I was not surprised when she placed towards the back of a very large kid class.  

Sassafras was nervous and shook throughout her class.  Clove decided that no one was allowed to touch her, including my friend who showed her for me.

Cinnamon was the best behaved of our goats but was still nervous during her class.  She was also the smallest doe in the ring.

I had a young helper handling Chicory for me while I showed Nutmeg.  Chicory attempted to drag her across the ring so we traded goats.  Both goats had lopsided udders.

We did much better in the specialty classes.  The goats were more comfortable with the crowds towards the end of the show.  They also appreciated having their herd-mates in the ring with them.   Nutmeg and Cinnamon placed third in Dam & Daughter out of 11 entries.  Cinnamon and Coriander placed fifth in Produce of Dam out of 12.